Ten of the best online training resources for triathletes


One reason triathletes often struggle to make significant improvements in their swimming performance is that they consider themselves a runner/cyclist that swims, rather than changing between being a swimmer, cyclist and runner depending on the training session. An example of this is learning to flip turn properly. Many triathletes see this as a waste of time because most races are held in open water. This fails to acknowledge that the hydrodynamic awareness gained by learning this skill can have lead to a dramatic increase in swim speed.

  • http://www.swimmingscience.net – Check out their blog discussing the latest swimming related sports science research
  • http://www.usms.org – The training section of the US Masters website has plenty of articles and session ideas. Unfortunately the ‘workouts’ page requires you to be a USMS member, however other sections such as ‘stroke technique’ are free and useful.


‘Watts’, ‘RPM’, ‘RPE’, ‘BPM’, ‘MPH/KPH.’ What’s most important? How can we use them to execute a faster bike split? Leaving talk of bike componentry aside, becoming a strong cyclist involves more that just Sunday group rides with your mates. Time trialling is the key skill all triathletes competing in non-drafting races will have to master. This involves hard solo training sessions and the resources below will, I hope, give you some session ideas and things to focus on.

  • http://home.trainingpeaks.com – Further to the well-known training analysis platform used by many coaches/athletes, this website contains a well-written blog on a wide range of training topics. Although not free, Training Peaks also have a wide range of target driven training programs available to purchase.
  • http://www.cptips.com – While their website layout is slightly basic, Cycling Performance Tips contains tonnes of articles and information relating to all aspects of cycling.


Getting carried away with increasing mileage and speed can be a major pitfall in the progression of any runner. With the help of some of the websites below you could become a better runner without even putting your trainers on.

  • http://www.kinetic-revolution.com – Running technique coach and injury rehabilitation specialist James Dunne’s website is packed with excellent resources.
  • http://www.running-physio.com – Well researched information regarding specific injuries and conditioning for runners.
  • https://www.youtube.com/user/yogatic – The Ekhart Yoga YouTube account has loads of easy to follow free yoga videos, helping you to stretch out tight muscles. Check out their ‘Yoga for Runners’ videos.
  • https://iancorless.org – Ian Corless’s ‘Talk Ultra’ podcast, while actually aimed at ultra/mountain runners, contains interesting interviews relevant to anyone that races Ironman or runs off-road. You’ll end up wanting to try races such as the UTMB, Zegama-Aizkorri and the Kima Trophy!

Strength & Conditioning

A stronger triathlete is a faster triathlete. Every athlete should implement gym training as part of his or her training routine. Timing and purpose are vital to ensure positive results.

  • http://www.ironmacfitness.com – Andy McKenzie is one of the UK’s most respected strength and conditioning coaches. His no-bullshit approach has helped many athletes gain better control of their bodies, avoid injury and maximise their performance. For workout ideas, have a look at the media section of his website, sign up for occasional emails and follow him on Instagram.
  • http://www.functionalpatterns.com – The Functional Patterns website blog and social media pages contain a wealth of information aimed at safeguarding the body against the impact of modern culture, such as sitting for long periods.

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